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A visit to Madrid is always a surprise

Date:27 January 2023
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HSL Blog

HSL Blog

The capital that always has something new to offer you.
​Stay with us. You can walk to all the events and enjoy the Capital; We are located in the heart of the capital, the Gran Vía in Madrid.
Here are the Carnivals: From February 17 to 22. Do not forget to enjoy the great parade and the burial of the sardine:
Enjoy the best musicals:
Singing in the rain
*Mama Mia
*The Musical of the 80-90
*The Lion King
*Tina, the Tina Turner Musical
*History Of Rock 2
*Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
*And much more .....

​Carnival is one of the most popular festive atmospheres in Madrid. Enjoy them! At you can find all the current concerts.

  • Rock history

    The History of Rock is a journey through the essence of the musical genre, which begins in the 50s, with songs by Elvis or Chuck Berry, and approaches the present day song by song by four international voices and an impressive band with prestigious musicians.

  • Mamma Mía

    .. MAMMA MIA! is the musical comedy with which you will not be able to avoid singing, dancing and getting excited to the rhythm of ABBA songs. This makes it a must-have musical...

  • Tina the Musical

    Is the musical is the story of the resounding comeback of a woman who dared to challenge the limits of racism, sexism and ageism to become the world queen of Rock and Roll.

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